Web Design
This section covers some of the web sites I've created. Most of my web work has been prototyping, using CSS/JavaScript and various server technologies for concept or usability testing. But I have also designed a few commercial websites.
Office Labs Website
Client: Microsoft - Office Labs
Build a website that highlighted the functionality of the Office Labs team, and create a new look for the intranet site that maintained some of the styling of the external site but was visually distinct to not confuse internal users.
The internal site gave us a location to try out new content delivery processes and a platform for testing widgets before we used them on the live site. I went with a theme expressing the “roughed out” version for our internally facing site. Using this concept kept it easy to know the difference between the internal site viewable only on the intranet, and the external site available to everyone outside the company.
Internal Site:

External Site:

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