This area is dedicated to icons created for display on computer monitor and computing device screens, and icons created for print. I have created thousands of icons for many applications and embedded systems. This is a small sample of some of my work.
Windows CE Hardware 2.0
Client: Microsoft - Consumer Appliance Group
The goal of this project was to create a group of silkscreen icons that all appeared to be a solid set, and that would work on a wide array of different devices without competing with the design of the device. These icons were placed on or next to buttons which launch applications on the devices.
Version 2.0 of Windows CE went with a fairly flat user interface (not many bevels or three dimensionality) and these icons followed the same feel of the icons used within the UI. I spent a lot of time perfecting the grid these follow, and ensuring every piece of every icon maintained it. This set received a lot of compliments from my peers. The accompanying specification I wrote is in the "specs" area of the website. These icons were used in a lot of Windows CE marketing, and they were silkscreened on and embossed into quite a few OEM devices, and are still in use.

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