This area is dedicated to icons created for display on computer monitor and computing device screens, and icons created for print. I have created thousands of icons for many applications and embedded systems. This is a small sample of some of my work.
Thousands of Other Icons
Client: Various Employers and Freelance Clients
Create a unified set of icons depicting new applications or computing concepts within insanely tight constraints.
Thought the work doesn’t seem that relevant since OS X pushed everyone past 16 and 256 color icons forever, and Vista has taken us well into the vector icon world, this is still a testament to my hundreds of hours spent pixel picking 16x16 squares to relate a computing concept in 2 bit color. I stopped being the “icon guy” before the explosion of color, alpha and vectors hit the icons of the world, so most of my work was below 8 bit at 32x32 pixels.
I’ve created icons for everything from 1 bit embedded systems and 2 bit handhelds, to full color images for print.

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