This area is dedicated to icons created for display on computer monitor and computing device screens, and icons created for print. I have created thousands of icons for many applications and embedded systems. This is a small sample of some of my work.
Windows CE Hardware 1.0
Client: Microsoft - Consumer Appliance Group
This project held a similar purpose to that of the version 2.0 hardware icons, to design a set of icons representing the applications within Windows CE v1.0 to be silkscreened onto hardware devices.
I created this set to closely match the icons within the UI. One of the problems there was that the icons within the UI were not all created as a set, most were created by different people for different projects at different times, so when these silkscreen icons were placed side by side they didn't always work well together. I was able to clear up all of these inconsistencies with the Version 2.0 icon set. So I hit the goal of maintaining recognition with the icons within the UI, but I was never happy with some configurations.

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