This area holds some examples of logo design and awareness campaigns that I have created.
5 & 25 Awareness
Client: Joint IED Defeat Taskforce
A lot of safety information was collected which could protect people from improvised explosive devices, but no system had been established to get the information out to everyone quickly.
With the "5 and 25, Stay Alive" awareness campaign, we collected a few hundred pieces of safety information that we identified as potentially useful to anyone visiting Southwest Asia who may encounter IEDs. One of the main problems with the list of data was that many of the points were classified, and as such the information was kept from many people who did not have a security clearance but would make great use of the safety considerations that could be drawn from them. For a few months, many of the points had been sent out to organizations in order to let them know the considerations existed, but we found the information was not making it all the way down to the lowest level because of the classification. Commanders would discuss the points with key leaders and try to get some of the points into training, but they were often restricted by time and by the fact that the people who would make the best use of the information, to some extent could not even be told the information.

Of the potential solutions to this problem, none could have worked without getting some of the major concepts behind the more important points declassified. After compiling the questionable items, I petitioned to have them released and succeeded. I did have to alter some of the information being released, but the concepts were all allowed by the one main fighting point to my argument; the bad guys already know how they are doing it, now we need to make sure each of us knows how to protect ourselves.

For the production aspect I developed marketing products (squishy balls, Frisbees, notepads, hats) sporting the logo, and developed print and radio ads to support the key points. The radio ads played on the Armed Forces Radio Network, and the print ads went into all Coalition periodicals distributed throughout Southwest Asia.

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