This area holds some examples of logo design and awareness campaigns that I have created.
5 & 25 "Stay Alive"
Client: Joint IED Defeat Taskforce
A recognizable symbol was needed for the awareness campaign focusing on informing people of the dangers and safety considerations with the improvised explosive devices (IED) in Southwest Asia.

The Joint IED Defeat Organization, known as JIEDDO, is attacking the IED threat using a balance of intelligence, training and technology. Originally formed as the Army’s IED Task Force, the group has transformed into a combined joint service, interagency, multi-national program designed to leverage all available resources and technologies in a coordinated campaign to defeat the IED threat. These are great guys, and it was a privilege to work for them.
One of the safety procedures taught to everyone visiting the area is a system called 5 and 25, a system of checking your surroundings each time you stop. The process involves checking five meters around you before exiting a vehicle, then checking 20 meters around your area after stepping out onto the ground. This allows a person to recognize potential threats in the immediate area before stepping into an avoidable situation. The Stay Alive tagline is from another much older military maxim - Stay Alert, Stay Alive - blending together a long standing saying with a new tactic which is just as known because of its inclusion into the training that everyone received just before arriving. The top image was the logo chosen after focus testing; the others are from the study.

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