This area is dedicated to UI design and a few of the prototypes I have put together for either Usability testing or general proof of concept.
Project Mapping Tool
Client: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • My Role
  • Deliverables
  • Accomplices
Interaction Design of the application and supporting information pages. Information Architecture of the layout of information across the application. Visual Design of the application and site.
Operational HTML/CSS/JavaScript for my portions of the interface. Visual elements of the site and application.
Client who wanted to realize the benefits of our application. Senior Management who define the vision. Database Technicians who set the data environment. Developers who coded the inner and outer workings of the site. Product Managers who guided the schedule and client relations.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation needed a way to visualize their efforts across the globe to work toward lowering operational overhead and pool resources.
I worked with a group of Geospatial Developers in CH2M Hill to create a web based project mapping application. The Foundation could enter any information pertinent to a project or for an individual action, then see how that action related to everything else the foundation was working on around the world.
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