This area is dedicated to UI design and a few of the prototypes I have put together for either Usability testing or general proof of concept.
Provider Portal
Client: Regence - Online Services for Providers
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Interaction Design of the entire portal. Information Architecture of all informational elements, tabular data and form layout. Visual Design of layout and elements of new additions to the portal.
Operational HTML/CSS/JavaScript for all pages of the portal. Visual elements of redesign and layout changes. Wireframes of planned interface and interaction, and to catalog implementation.
Application Owner who guided the business requirements for the portal. Product Managers who set the pace of the project. Senior Management who decide the direction of the company and products. Developers who created the inner workings of the applications.
The Regence Group, one of the largest carriers of Blue Cross and Blue Shield health coverage, needed to help their provider community by having relevant information available to them online.
The solution is the Regence Online Services for Providers web portal.
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