I have been a Product Designer since 1995. Through my career I have worked on really incredible projects. I started in the software and mobile device industries, then moved into the real world physical translations of computing solution and I am now back in the software industry to bring my experience full circle.


     Ed Campodonico

Summary and Justification
I am a visionary leader who brings a breadth of design and leadership experience to increase the value of User Experience and Design organizations.

15+ years User Experience and Product Design, Design Leadership and Management; 15+ years User-Centered Design; 15+ years Research and Testing; 15+ years Web Design and hand-coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript; 20+ years Visual Design and Visual Communication.

Summary Metadata
  • PayPal, eBay, Microsoft, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Spatial Development, CH2M Hill, The Regence Group, U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Army, WildTangent
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Visio, Flash, TextEdit/Notepad, Dreamweaver, MS Visual Studio
  • HTML/DHTML/XHTML, XML, CSS, ASP/ASPX, JSP, PHP, Javascript, AJAX, jQuery, SQL/mySQL, XAML, WPF, Action Script, Lingo
  • Software Applications, Web-applications, Cellular Phones, Hand-held Devices, Embedded Systems
  • Wireframes, Story-boards, Design and Style Guide, Personas, Process Flows, Usability Testing Plans and Findings, Business Requirements, Product Requirements
Design Concepts
  • User Experience, Customer Experience, Information Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Centered Design, Visual Communication, Iconography
Architecture Concepts
  • Information Architecture, Client Goals, User Goals, Business Goals, User Interface Architecture, Accessibility Considerations, Section 508, Compliance, Localization Readiness
Usability Concepts
  • Test Planning, Prototype Development, Contextual Inquiry, Lab Testing, Card Sorting, Paper Prototypes, Findings Analysis, Key Finding Recommendations, Findings Integration
Recent Learning
  • Effective Public Speaking, Managing Global Teams, People Manager Essentials, Anti Money Laundering, Legal Compliance, Business Ethics, Conflicts of Interest
Management and Leadership Experience
Design Manager 2009 to Present
  • Managed the creation of a future prototype of PayPal unveiled at our Analyst's Day, the press for which increased eBay stock more than 11% in one day.
  • Managed an initiative to regain $100 million of lost revenue opportunity from slow or inadequate price adjustments.
  • Supervised the creation of the methods used to effectively process digital goods, which generated over $2 billion in revenue in 2010.
  • Streamlined the Help Center browsing experience by offering dynamically generated content, increasing self help engagement ~14% and decreasing call center contacts 26%.
  • Directed design for introducing PayPal to new markets and countries, consumer and merchant areas, fraud protection, internal tools and call center support, legal and governmental regulation, and globalization.
Agital, Inc.
User Experience Manager 2000 to 2002
  • Spearheaded a multidisciplinary department through five complete product cycles under startup constraints.
  • Managed a team comprised of Designers, Web Developers, Program Managers, Technical Writers, and Testers.
  • Defined the standards used across the entire corporation to ensure consistent branding, experience, and design philosophy.
  • Shaped evolving visual brand identity through a corporate name change.
U.S. Army
Operations Manager (Active, Reserve, and Guard) 1991 to 2007
  • Directed operations of a senior staff of DoD employees, Soldiers, and contractors.
  • Created and managed a multimedia awareness campaign which saved hundreds of lives.
  • Wrote effects-based plans specifying strategy and tactics followed by Multi-national Forces throughout Southwest Asia.
  • Organized information hotlines and reward incentives, reporting progress directly to the US Secretary of State.
  • Trusted with positions as a Drill Sergeant, Army Drill Sergeant Academe Instructor, Platoon Sergeant, and Command Battle Staff.
Design Experience
Lead Designer 2009 to Present
  • Increased efficiency of design and web development processes by designing the system and methods used to manage User Experience patterns, components and best practices.
  • Designed for all aspects of User Experience, from use case generation, wireframes, information design, and visual mock-ups, to development of HTML and JavaScript/jQuery prototypes.
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation/CH2M Hill
Sr. User Experience Designer 2009 to 2010
  • Designed a highly data driven, collaborative, geospatial web application.
  • Maintained multimillion-dollar client relationships by interpreting and fulfilling the client's ultimate goals.
The Regence Group
Sr. User Experience Designer 2008 to 2009
  • Reduced customer service calls by over 37% by applying intelligent information design, making relevant data available online, and increasing the usefulness of the web-based portal.
  • Managed five separate Agile development efforts simultaneously, ensuring improved support.
Microsoft: Office Labs
Sr. Product Designer 2008
  • Devised innovative presentation methods to showcase new technologies. Directed videos for use in sharing innovation, recruiting talent, and executive briefings.
Microsoft: Center for Information Work
Sr. Product Designer 2007 to 2008
  • Strengthened Microsoft's future visions by incorporating technology speculation into captivating prototypes and moderated tours.
  • Solved complex interaction issues and developed strategic goals by defining business objectives in collaboration with international subsidiaries.
Manson Construction Company
Productivity Specialist 2002 to 2006
  • Developed productivity solutions through extended research, and designed computing and communication systems to enable the physical construction processes.
  • Reduced lost revenue and prevented catastrophic failures with redundancy plans.
Microsoft: Consumer Appliance Group
Product Designer 1997 to 2000
  • Designed UI and interactions for a multitude of emerging platforms and applications including: Hand Held PC, Pocket PC, WebTV, Active Sync, cell phones, websites, and embedded systems.
  • Created the long-living icon set used on Windows Mobile, and Smartphone hardware devices.
Microsoft: Internet Explorer
Product Designer 1996 to 1997
  • Elite member of the team selected to create Internet Explorer 4, the first version of IE to integrate the browser into the Windows desktop environment.

Schools and Education
Design School
  • Art Institute of Seattle: Visual Communication 1995 to 1997
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